District Summary for Covina-Valley Unified

CDS: 19-64436-0000000
District Type: Unified School District
Student Enrollment: 12,980
Free/Reduced School Lunch: 65.3%
Socioeconomic Disadvantaged: 71.3%
English Language Learners: 10.4%
Students with Disabilties: 16.4%
District Characterization: Data Not Available

Ethnic Breakdown:

    American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.3%
    Asian: 5.3%
    Pacific Islander: 0.4%
    Filipino: 2.9%
    Hispanic/Latino: 75.7%
    African American: 3.5%
    White: 11.3%
    Other/Declined to State: 0.6%

District Office Address:

District Performance Snapshot:

District Benchmarking Dashboard:

District AYP Summary:

    Language Arts:


District AYP Subgroup Summary:

District CST Subgroup Charts:

District Beating/Lagging Expectations Chart:

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